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Choosing the right broker

Sell your practice with MediEstates

No matter who you approach to value your dental practice, they must understand how the industry works, the different types of deal structures and contracts involved and how your type of dental practice (NHS, private or mixed) and location impact upon the achievable asking price. The way in which the dental practice is run clinically also plays a significant role in selecting the right buyer type. 

Advertising your dental practice via traditional methods is not as effective as working with a specialist agent who understands how your practice operates, your goals and motivations and the dental market in general.

How can we help?

MediEstates will guide you through every step of the process, including finding buyers who meet your specific expectations. We will help you navigate CQC and NHS considerations needed prior to a sale and lead you towards a specialist solicitor to ensure you are prepared as much as possible. We have worked with all types and size of practice across the country and have experience selling to both owner dentists and dental corporates.

If you’re looking to sell your dental practice now or in the future, get in touch today. We’ll talk through your options and help you understand how to maximise the value of your business, as well as help you understand the funding and legal process and explore the most suitable buyer types for your practice.


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