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How much do dental practices sell for?

Looking to sell your dental practice? Get a dental practice valuation


MediEstates advisors offer expert advice on everything from valuing your dental practice to negotiating a price. Our team collectively has over 98 years of experience in the dental industry, so you can be sure we'll have the knowledge you need to make the right decisions for your business and give you an accurate picture of how much your practice is worth.

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We'll advise you for free, there are no up-front fees, and all our discussions are confidential. We'll give you a dental practice appraisal either on-site or off-site—whenever suits you best.

We can help you maximise the value of your practice and share tips on how to increase your profits for whenever the time is right to sell. Whether you want to sell your practice outright or stay on for years to come, we can advise potential buyers on the best way to acquire your business and negotiate a deal structure that works for everyone.

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MediEstates have valued over 35% of all the dental practices in the UK and counting!

What our clients say

"I am very happy that I chose MediEstates to sell my dental practice.

From the start the team were always very approachable, they listened to my concerns and always responded quickly and efficiently.

I have found their support invaluable throughout the process and would thoroughly recommend them."
A Cuyes - NHS Dental Practice, Lancashire

How much do dental practices sell for?

Take a look at Practice Sales Intelligence below to discover the prices different type of practices have sold for. 

Finding Buyers For Your Dental Practice

We are completely transparent in our operations. All of our clients will receive a monthly practice marketing report so they can be kept in the loop.

This report will give you the numbers on:

- Calls to Prospective Buyers
- Brochures Issued
- Brochure Feedback
- Website Practice Views
- Emails Sent & Received
- Viewings & Offers
- Client File Database Entries
- Text Messages Sent
- Summary Sheet

Buyer reach

By maximising the level of interest in your dental practice, we will achieve the highest price. Read more

Delivering maximum value & success

Our aim is to ensure you achieve the maximum price and to the right bidder for your business. Read more

What Our Clients Say

NHS Dental Practice
A Rayarel - Greater Manchester
"Thank you very much for my lovely chocolates and card. ..."
Fully Private
ANON (1) - Lancashire
"I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your hard work and effort that you put in to achieving the sale of the practice. It was much appreciated and we would not hesitate to employ your services again..."
Mixed Dental Practice
Allan & Catherine Watson - Cheshire
"I first encountered ‘MediEstates’ at a conference. I filed the contact information away and thought no more about it. My wife realised that the Practice was literally killing me. I put my head in the sand and tried to ignore it. ..."